shake and take 3rd generation

Ready stocks colour purple, yellow and blue

Hi uollss sape sini suka minum jus.
Sesapa yang diet ke.

Benda yang wajib ada iaitu blender. Yang bestnya pasal blender ni avariasi warna blender ada 3. Pastu tahan lasak tau blender ni boleh blend ais skali. Dan yang paling best sekali lepaa blend kita boleh bawak terus botol blender tu takyah da transfer masuk dalam botol lain. Senang timah oiiii.

Product Description of LATEST DESIGN 2014

Shake n Take 3

Juice Smoothie with 2 Travel bottle

Are you having a busy day?
Need a quick yet nutritious meal?

Shake N Take 3 is just what you need.
Imagine blending and drinking your smoothie right from the same bottle.

Not only it makes the entire process hassle free, cleaning the bottle is also a breeze.

Shake N Take 3 saves you a lot of time and makes daily routine much easier!

Edgy Design Shake N Take 3 is a smoothie maker with detachable travel bottle which conveniently blends and lets you drink from the same bottle.

Its high power motor easily turns fruits, vegetables and ice into your favourite smoothies, protein shakes and ice-blended coffee.

On-The-Go Enjoy your smoothie on-the-go while driving in your car as Shake N Take’s slim design easily fit into car cup holders.

Shake N Take 3 holds 16 oz of smoothie and comes with flip top which makes drinkinh from the bottle easier. If you are always in a rush, this easy-to-use device is just what you need. Save clean-up time & effort as you blend & drink from the same bottle Easy-to-operate and highly efficient machine schedule Has an On/Off switch with safety interlock Automatic Pulp Ejection Add a scoop of your favorite protein and head for the gym

Convenient flip top straw, super powerful blender crushes ice instantly 800ml

Portable Sport Bottle Size (L x W x H) 7 x 10 x 34 Weight 2 kg

Material Stainless Steel
Power Source 2 pin
AC Adapter Wattage 180 W Voltage 220 V

What's in the Box:
1x New 3nd Generation Shake N Take Mini Blender
- Color random from packing 2x 800ml Portable Sport Bottle

RM75 (SM) / RM85 (SS)
Free gift pun adooo
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